Hi, I'm Demie.

I'm a graphic designer from Melbourne.

A little about me

I’m a graphic designer and passionate creative thinker based in Melbourne, Australia. If you’ve found my website, it’s probably because we have the same great taste in good design! Here’s a little back story about myself—I moved here in 2010 from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to pursue my career in graphic design and since graduating from RMIT in 2013, I’ve since tapped into the industry doing many internship and freelance jobs before landing my first full time role.

Since then, I’ve been working full time in different roles and even taking on a side gig of my own running a small stationery boutique specialising in wedding invitations (find me on Instagram @petitepapergoods).

All things design aside, I’m a chai latte lover for all things cats and my favourite Disney cartoon would have to be a tie between Hercules and Mulan. I may also belt out in a Shania Twain song just for the giggles.

My goals

As a designer, my purpose is to be able to help you find your voice and style as a company/brand. I am passionate about creating good and functional designs. I also thrive on knowing that I am able to be a part of your growth.

As an Individual, I still have a lot I want to achieve. I am constantly growing my list of skillsets to learn. Lately, I’m trying my hand at the art of calligraphy. But tomorrow it might be learning the realms of digital designs. I think it is important to keep up to date with current trends. Hence, my ever growing passion to learn better design skills.