Antipodean Love

Kate contacted Goodmedia to help design 3 website buttons, 1 cover photo for Facebook and a thank you card (for their deliveries). They wanted a fun typographical look which had similar aesthetics to Hello Frankie, and this is what I came up with.I played a lot around the concepts of brush patterns seeing as I was going to handwrite the headings myself. The pastel pink colour was a favourite so I tried to incorporate it where I can but decided to opt for different colours (for the buttons) to add some character to it.

The ‘Thank You’ cards were designed to look fun and minimalistic. They wanted to keep it plain black and printed on kraft to match their business cards which was done the same by another designer. They had some parts of the card with raised ink (see detailed photo). Hope you like them!

PLEASE NOTE: I do not take credit for the website design, only the buttons. I just wanted to showcase the flow of the website which showcases my button designs.

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