Trinity College Foundation Studies Prospectus

The second big project I took on while I was at Trinity College was the publication design of the Foundation Studies Propectus 2018. The prospectus is a book that gets distributed to overseas education agents mainly to show parents more about the college and to convince them as to why their children should study abroad there.

The year I was there, the brief was to make it more fun and appealing to students. The feedback received was that the last few years, the layouts were boring and more tailored to the parents than it was to the students.

So I approached it with the idea of including more illustrations, icons and photography. I wanted to make sure that though the information in it was relevant and necessary to include—it would be the images that would capture your eyes first. I worked with one of Australia’s renowned photographers, Kit Haselden on the cover shot along with some other photos that could be used throughout the publication.

In terms of a print perspective, I incorporated a bright red foil on the cover and the inside pages were printed on a satin 120gsm paper stock.

To see the online version of this document, click here.