Keik by Li San

Li San came to me with ideas of her brand identity when she decided on starting her own business for her passion for baking and all things patisserie.

The aim was to develop a logo that is modern, minimalistic and sophisticated–one that is easily identifiable within a younger demographic. She also wanted something that was going to stand out in the midst of all the ‘Melbourne inspired’ brands popping up locally but she also wanted something stylish and trendy.

The design aspect was simple—clean and bold lines would have ensured legibility but also made it more professional looking. In terms of colours, she swayed more with a feminine outlook of pastel colours and maybe a touch of rose gold or marble which we both agreed would be a nice contrast to the masculine design features already present.

We worked on a logo, business cards, cake box design and stickers.

For more of her work:









Primary Logo



Secondary Logos






Packaging and Logo Placement

Photos by Li San