Night of a Thousand Dinners 2019
The Pinacle Foundation

Night of a Thousand Dinners is a charity event initiated by The Pinacle Foundation. It’s aim is to fundraise for youths and young adults facing discrimination for their gender identity, sexual orientation or sexual characteristics that may be affection their career aspirations or personal developments, and really just trying to give them hope.

I was approached by David Henderson, CMO of The Pinnacle Foundation,  who saw fit that the look and feel of the charity event get a facelift. I had later approached a fellow friend and designer James Macrae to help me with this project and this is what we came up with for the entire campaign. Using strong and bold imagery and the Foundation’s colour palette, we wanted the graphics to speak for itself and make it relatable to who and what this event was all about.

Assets we delivered included a invitation design, website landing page banner, Facebook image, social and digital assets of the graphics and a downloadable PDF flyer.

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Old Concept Design

Draft Refresh Concepts:

Chosen concept design:


EDM Invitation template



Facebook Post

Website Landing Page Banner



Our graphics being adapted to other social designs done by the Foundation.


The flyer on an iPad. To view the full PDF, click here.