Ricordo Candle Packaging

The brief:
One of my final projects at University for my Packaging elective was to design and make a candle from scratch which also included a brief history about my hypothetical brand. The end results would be judged by a representative from Point 3 and Mecca Cosmetics. The winner would score themselves a one week internship with either Point 3 or Mecca Cosmetics.

The project:
The brand name I chose is called Ricordo which means keepsake in Italian. Here’s the history behind the name incase you’re interested in reading about it:

Lukas Bach was born in 1938 in Berlin, Germany. He is the youngest of three children of parents, Agnes and Anslem Bach. When Lukas was born, Germany was going through the World War 2. Agnes and Anslem both feared raising a child in the midst of the war hence leaving them with no choice but to abandon their son. Despite their fear, they still wanted to make sure his safety was guaranteed and had arranged for a caretaker to take hima way from Germany leaving their destiation classified to the caretaker. 

Lukas and his caretaker travelled by sea, stopping by several cities in France first where he lived for a couple of his childhood years with different families that the caretaker knew. The families he had lived with had worked for many years in perfume factories. At the age of 10, Lukas and his caretaker fled once more to search for a place to settle down in. However, his caretaker had caught a disease on board and didn’t survive the journey. 

Eventually, Lukas arrived on shore in Florence, Italy by himself but was soon after taking in by an Italian couple that saw him wondering by himself. Angelo and Lucia Carboni owned a small home business making candles for the local people in Florence. When Lukas turned 15, he started to learn about the business. Unfortunately, his parents died in a fire accident 5 years after that. Fearing for his future, he travelled back and fourth from Paris and Florence with whatever money he had left to learn more about perfumery that was currently evolving in France in hopes to use it for his own business venture. 

Lukas was the first man in Italy to have started a line of scented candles which he named Ricordo which means keepsake in Italian to keep his memories and parents legacy in his products. The brand expanded amongst the people in Italy. He earned enough money to be able to ship his candles to different states in Italy by 1965 then to nearby countries by 1979 where his line became so famous, it was used in some of the wealthiest households in Italy. The business expanded and he was able to open up 15 other stores worldwide by the early 20th century, working with majordepartment stores like Selfridges in London, Barneys New York and more. Each candle in hs line, consisting of 5 represents stages of his childhood and adulthood that he found most significant. 

The result:
My aim was to design something that would not only be environment friendly but that could have post functional uses for. I had received really great feedback from my lecturer and the judges who said my packaging was considered high end and well produced but they felt it was more suited for a nursery which made it not quite what they were looking for.

The entire candle making process took about 10 hours and almost a week of intensive planning and outsourcing printers especially for my box. I had it prototype printed by a Graphix Labels.

Needless to say, I’m very pleased with the results.