Project Info

  • Date: September, 2021
  • Location:
  • Client: Vicinity Centres - DFO
  • Category: campaign, digital, print
  • Project Link:
DFO Campaign Assets

DFO Campaign Assets

During my time at Vicinity Centres, I was presented the role of ‘gatekeeper’ for DFO in which my responsibility was to create, check and ensure that all DFO branded collateral coming out of our studio (whether from me or from our freelance designers) was branded correctly. Studio Marmalade was behind their creative re-brand which took place in late 2018. Since then, our creative studio in-house has had the pleasure of creating all their collaterals with the given resources by the agency.

I’ve had my fair share of doing all sorts of creative roll-outs for them including their annual Big Brand Sale, various hoardings, in-centre window decals, and digital assets for their website and eDm’s and social channels.

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