Project Info

  • Date: November, 2015
  • Location: Ballarat, Victoria
  • Client: Pipers by the Lake
  • Category: print
  • Project Link:
Weddings at Pipers by The Lake 2015

Weddings at Pipers by The Lake 2015

Pipers by the Lake, is a restaurant in Ballarat, Victoria. They had approached Emily Osmond (prev known as Goodmedia at the time) to redo their wedding brochure as part of a marketing strategy which she assisted with.

I was the designer she had outsourced to complete this project. Using real life photography and images by the client, I put together this A4 magazine brochure which was intended for the venue to give prospecting wedding clients in hopes that they get more hire bookings for weddings.

The brochure was a 16 page spread featuring some full bleed images and copy.

For more on Pipers by the Lake, see their website here.

To view the full spread, click here.